Beard Moisturiser
Beard Moisturiser
Beard Moisturiser
Beard Moisturiser

Beard Moisturiser

The VOID Homme Beard Moisturiser is designed for long lasting comfort and leaves your beard looking and feeling great. The Moisturiser is perfect for Men with both long and short beard lengths and especially for those who are growing their beard’s out for the first time as this can cause particular irritation on the face. It soothes itchiness by softening the hairs from the roots upwards as they rest on your face for an all-day lightweight glow without feeling and looking greasy. The Bead Moisturiser encourages a strong and healthy facial hair growth as it is important to regular prevent hair from drying out and becoming bristle-like.

All of our products are designed with Male-skin at its core, leaving them feeling, looking and smelling their very best.

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