How Long Does Beard Filler Last On The Face?

Are you sick of looking in the mirror and seeing a patchy, uneven beard staring back at you? This can have you contemplating shaving the whole thing off and just sticking with the bare face look. Fortunately, there are ways around this unsightly look - using a beard filler.

Beard filler pens and pencils help you line up your facial hair evenly while filling in patches on your cheeks or chin. They’re becoming increasingly popular - and for good reason. 

But, how long does beard filler last on the face? Is this a temporary or permanent fix? Will it last you an entire day and night, or will you need to sneak off to the bathroom to reapply?

Don’t worry - in this short guide, we’re going to answer all these questions and more. We’ll explain how to get the most out of your beard filler so you can look back in that same mirror in confidence. Let’s start with some basic information on beard fillers.

What Exactly Is a Beard Filler?

First things first - what exactly is a beard filler? You probably already have an idea just based on the name alone. A beard filler is a product that helps you fill in your beard - simple, right?

There are two types of fillers out there: beard filler pens and beard filler pencils. A beard pencil filler is the most popular. It’s a more crayon like texture, and is usually the product we recommend people start with. It works its magic to cover beard patches and add natural-looking fullness with fast and easy application.

A beard filler pen, on the other hand, is liquid based - as you’d probably expect. These do the same thing, but are better for adding feather-like strokes to your beard line. These are a more long-lasting solution than the pencil - so keep that in the back of your mind for later when we talk about how long beard filler lasts.

Why Use Beard Filler?

So - you know what exactly beard filler is. Why use it? Does it really work? Yes! These products are a man’s secret weapon against patchy, uneven beards. After filling in your beard, you’ll look back in the mirror and see a stunning, full beard staring back at you. It looks incredibly natural - no one will ever suspect a thing, trust us. You don’t have to worry about that.

Whatever beard perfection looks like to you - it’s just a few strokes or brushes away with the right beard filler. By using these products, you don’t just get a full, natural beard. You get your confidence back - and there is no price tag you can put on that.

So, How Long Does Beard Filler Last On The Face?

Enough with the background information - how long does beard filler last on the face? As you can probably imagine, the answer is not one size fits all. There are quite a few factors at play here. We’ll talk about specific factors in a moment - but first, a general guideline. 

When you apply a quality beard filler it will last all day long without issue - at least 18+ hours, in fact. Some users report they get 3+ days of use out of theirs. But that would require the user to not shower or wash their face over that time frame…so take that for what it is worth.

Your beard filler should stay on despite sweat, rain, or touching your beard. Notice we said quality beard filler above. The specific type of product you use matters more than you think. Cheaper, lower quality products will not last the entirety of a day - and they certainly won’t withstand sweat, water, and smudging. Let’s look at some factors to consider to make sure you get the longest-lasting beard pen possible.

The Specific Brand/Product You Use

Not all beard fillers are created equal. Unfortunately, there are an alarming number of low quality products and sketchy brands circulating this industry. That’s why you need to do your due diligence to ensure you only end up with the best of the best (more on that later).

But, it’s not even just about the brand, it's about the specific product. Remember earlier when we mentioned that beard filler pen kits tend to last longer than their pencil counterparts? Well, if you’re looking for a fill that will stand the test of time - you’ll want to stick with a pen.

How You Apply The Filler

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might not get as much life out of your fill-job as you would like. That’s why we highly recommend you read our blog post on how to fill beard patches. Not only will proper technique help you get all-day fullness. But, it will also help you create perfect symmetry. And, you’ll never have to worry about if anyone can tell that you’ve applied a filler. With the right application your beard will look indistinguishable from the real thing!

The Conditions You’re In

While the best beard fillers are rated as sweat resistant, you likely won’t be able to go swimming and keep your beard looking quite as full as before you jumped in the water. They’re water resistant - not waterproof. While rain and sweat won’t degrade your fill, being fully submerged in water - and then drying yourself off with a towel - will remove some of the beard filler you’ve applied. So, be careful about the conditions you’re going into. If you know you’re going swimming, it might be better to forego the beard filler for the day.

Can You Easily Take Beard Filler Off?

Now, we know that some men will be delighted to learn that their beard filler lasts 18+ hours. But, others want to know - what if I want to take it off after just 6-12 hours?

If you’re just looking to fill in your beard for a quick outing, good news - you can get the filler off with ease. Beard pencil fillers come out with just a bit of water and scrubbing. Beard pen fillers, however, will require some more help - with water, soap, and scrubbing.

Final Thoughts On How Long Beard Filler Lasts

That concludes our breakdown of how long beard filler lasts. These products provide all-day-long fullness - from sun up to sun down. They’re sweat resistant, smudge-proof, and sure to help you earn back your confidence. Like we said though - the specific product you use matters more than anything else. So, stick with the best of the best - VOID Homme. We’ve come to be known as the #1 men’s cosmetic brand, specifically for beard care. So, arm yourself with the right beard pencils or pens and unlock beard perfection with ease!

Note: We know some people may have come to this blog post asking, “how long does beard filler last?” with the hopes of discovering how long the product lasts before needing to be replaced. If that was your intention, our beard filler pencil can last up to 2 months!