Over 50,000+ Men worldwide of all ages are using our bestselling beard filling products daily and achieving amazing results. Here are some of our most recent testimonials:

Used your product for the first time this morning and it's absolutely fantastic. I have quite a full beard apart from one small part on my cheek which i believe is an old scar - The Void-Homme pencil fills it in perfectly with a natural look...

Lenny Howlett

Absolutely fantastic we product for men, ordered mine on Sunday. It was with me on the Tuesday. Then i tested it out. It just works. Love it. I will order another in new year. Many Thanks for the quick service and solid product.

William Boyce

I've tried several other things and even beard dye. This product is very natural looking and worked from Day 1. Makes your beard look very full and lined up nice. I'll definitely repurchase..


Thought I'd try this pencil to neaten up the lines of my beard. It arrived the day after purchasing, and it's exactly as advertised. I opted for the dark brown even though my beard has a red tint, and it blended great. It made my beard look fuller, neater and darker. It's really impressive, and I'll certainly be purchasing a few more. 


I have been using the Void beard filler for three months now, and have done so daily. As guys, it’s hard to always shape tour beard daily with a razor, with this product you don’t have to. Simply define the line of your beard, and that gives the look you shave your beard every single day. Excellent product!!

Jamie Davis

It works just as advertised, quick delivery, makes a difference in seconds and makes your beard look more full and tidy. Great product , will be ordering more 🤙🏼 


The product is made very well, the application is simple and fast, during the day it keeps well even by resting your face on the pillow or crawling near the jacket does not leave marks. Thanks to your product I have solved the small imperfections of my beard. Thank you


Does exactly what the videos and advertising says, item was dispatched in good time and fills the voids and blanks in any beard, good item and very easy to apply and use will order again whilst on special offer 

Bob Chera

Very simple and effortless, but a great outcome. Will be ordering more as I've had so many complements! Great confidence boost. Thanks guys!


It is very clever, I was really surprised by the result. Seemed pretty effortless to put on although I haven’t managed the clean lines. But I wasn’t really after that. My beard looks much fuller. I wonder how it will be in the rain. Haven’t had a chance to wash it off. I used a fair bit not sure how long it will last 

John Paul

I was quite doubtful at first, but I received mine last week and honestly I can’t live without this anymore, major confidence boost! I use it for lineup only and nobody can even tell! Usually I dont post reviews because there is enough people that already do, but this product is worth a review! Cheers from the Netherlands :)


Fills in exactly what I need it to, I get lots of compliments for my thick looking beard. Recommending to friends too. They like it too. Does not mark on your hands either when you touch your face. Great design!


It's been years I've been trying to grow a full beard. Void fills In the patchy spots perfectly and gives an excellent finish with a full even beard.