Beard Lining Kit

Beard Lining Kit

The VOID Homme Beard Lining Kit contains everything you need to achieve the cleanest, sharpest beard line up possible. Some men claim to like the rough look, but we reckon they just haven't seen this Kit yet. Ever wondered how celebs maintain that symmetrical bead all year round? Here's your answer. Quick & Easy to apply- Use the shaping comb & Beard pencil to draw the initial line on both sides. Use the razor to irradicate stray hairs above the line & then continue with the Beard pencil to add the final touches and natural-looking fullness. It's simple, don't rely on genetics anymore and stay sharp 24/7.

A great gift for the well-groomed man in your life.

What's Inside:

- Beard Filler Pencil 

- Beard Shaping Comb

- Beard Aligning Razors (3pack)

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